DO! (2)

Every year it seems like when I am just itching to really start gardening there is really great stuff to do in Kansas City. Here is a list of things that I am going to try to eschew sweating it out in the backyard to do:

(list 12) Stuff I Will NOT Miss This Weekend

  1. Kansas City Etsy Truck Show
  2. Battle of the Bands that includes the rockin’ band Mr. Fish, fronted by my sister in-law’s nephew:
  3. Eat Local! 2008 – 10th Annual Exhibition of Farmers

Special thanks to Amy for a link to the Present Calendar link – it has the best list of funky fresh stuff to do in Kansas City that I have ever seen – including an upcoming tribute to Lou Reed!


While other blogs are playing tricks on you for April Fools’ Day, I thought I would provide something that may be useful. I have lived in the Kansas City Area for many years – and I have grown weary of missing the stuff that happens here, so I developed a list of web sites to check for stuff to do. Every couple of weeks I schedule some time in front of the computer to see what is out there. Here is my list – enjoy doing!! (Please add to the comments if you have event lists to check!)

(list 8) Web Sites That List Things To Do in Kansas City

Comprehensive – Lots of Different Stuff






Coming Soon: List of places that offer cool classes!