Dining Room Dish

DH worked his magic and was able to find paint to match our wall color.  Which was awesome because we could fix the weird blue rectangle  in our dining room.  Phew!  Earlier this year, I made a wall hanging for the dining room using linen and some Japanese fabric I LOVE.  It works pretty well with my hexagon table runner. 

Before weird blue rectangle…

IMG_1763After weird blue rectangle…

I really want to keep little flowers on my dining room table.  THAT.DAMN.CAT does not allow such frivolities.  He knocked over a vase of flowers, drenching the table runner, more than once.  And so this weekend I bought a pretty polish pottery vase and ceramic flowers.  It adds flowers to the table, coordinates with the floral eclectic that is my dining room.

IMG_1816We got the flowers and vase at Renditions in Weston, MO.  Truly a great place – two thumbs up.  They have floral jack o’lanterns (no kidding) that I am going to get when Halloween gets closer.  I love the idea of being able to have a touch of seasonal decorating without having to switch out all of my flowery stuff.  Woot.

Our Downstairs Bath…

We redid our downstairs bath. It is a tale of failed subfloors, unnecessary time and expense, almost giving up, and then redemption. Cut to the pictures…








The shower curtain is from Anthropologie.  I made the curtains.  I hate making curtains.  The walls are blue.  DH laid the linoleum and installed the vanity.  I love the photographs above the toilet.  The End.

Gettin’ $H)T Done Day! (1/12)

I took today off to get some shit done.  Specifically, cleaning out my closet.  Old houses have swings and roundabouts.  One of the greatest things about my old house is my GIANT attic-y closet just off the upstairs bath.  All mine and all giant.  Which means I crammed stuff in there.  Do you remember this?

I had a dresser that kept getting pushed farther and farther forward by the crap I didn’t want to deal with.  It was the one unfun thing I was going to do – clean out that closet – during my sabbatical.  But it didn’t happen.  Sewing and not doing that were too much fun.  So I womanned up, took a day off and conquered it.  So not fun.  And a bunch of bags to go to charity.  But done.  My closet isn’t decorated – I might put in a rug and some other decorate-y stuff at some point.  For now, I know my morning tomorrow is going to be so much better without a pile of mess peeking out.  Woot.

Here are the results (I still need to vacuum -ignore the carpet)…

IMG_1223 _Snapseed _Snapseed

Pretty little boxes all lined up…

IMG_1215 _Snapseed _Snapseed


Table of girly things I love and photographs…

IMG_1217 _Snapseed



Pretty scarves…

IMG_1219 _Snapseed


Pretty necklaces…IMG_1221

In a month there will be another day of getting shit done… probably attack the scary table linen boxes.  But this closet is by far the hardest thing I had to tackle.  And it’s done.  🙂 🙂

Living Room!!

What I will remember most about fall and winter 2013, is waiting for our new couches.  The monday before the monday before Christmas they arrived.  And joy!  I skipped the merriment of the pre-holiday season, buckled down at my sewing machine and made pillows.  But the living room is done now… I LOVE it… gone are our uncomfortable and spring sprung couches and we have a new VERY functional couch, and have transitioned from country transitional to modern transitional.  Love, love, love.  And so some house-proud photos (the cracks in the plaster edited out 🙂 ):

IMG_1144 _Snapseed

IMG_1149 _Snapseed

IMG_1156 _Snapseed

IMG_1166 _Snapseed

That is the living room looking pristine.  But the absolute best part is how much easier it is to hang out with each other.  This old house is more than a bit decrepit, drafty, and sometimes a hassle and a half.  But I think all the kids will remember about her is the fun and the love.

IMG_1128 _Snapseed


ImageImageImageBuilding on the Penguin book cover project, I displayed some family pictures on the bookshelf below.  The striped frames I knocked off from anthropologie – they took more work than I expected but were a lot cheaper, of course.  All the brightly colored doo das are from your friend and mine, Hobby Lobby.


This is a little project DH and I collaborated on.  We had a box of Penguin book cover postcards for a long time, and thanks to the internets, we found a cool way to use them for some art for our hall.  This is step 1 of making my upstairs hall retro artsy cool.  I am gathering my ideas here.

Bedroom Redo – Part Five: The Finale

After many hours, here is the final product – pictures with a bit of exposition…

A million years ago when this house was built they put built-in storage everywhere.  This is a functional but weird cabinet above my bedside table.  There are two triumphs in this redo… the french memo board that I found for a pop of color and the lamp that is low enough that it doesn’t block opening the cabinet door to get to the stuff inside.


My favorite corner of the room.  The hanging was made my mom for me many years ago… new trinkets from Pier 1 – including the cutest cushion ever upon which one can seat one’s ass to apply one’s shoes.  The lamp is from Target and moved from the bedside table to here.


Detail on the dresser… The little fabric triangle hides a scratch… the stones are some of DH’s collection… “vintage” ginger jar… the rest is Pier 1.  And yay me for getting only one owl to put in the room to avoid being a hipster punchline.


These are our his-and-her shelves.  I put a couple ginger jars on DH’s shelves to carry the color across… but his old books and lego minifigs and plastic sharks still are there.  <sigh>  I am such a giver.  I found a place for “green girl” – a painting I bought at the Liberty Art on the Square thingie a couple years ago.  And fuckity fuck I love those pillows.

The next two pictures are a long view…. I apologize for the crappy quality… the backlighting of the windows made a quality picture very difficult.

The new curtains from Target were the greatest expense of the project.  The blue wall and old-house architecture existed prior to the updo.  Do you see what is wrong in this picture?  A downside of a tall husband with a sense of humor.


My friend S brought me the orange scarf from India… I love it here.


So that is the room… I love it lots… definitely achieved country grandma etsy floral color pop rainbow.  I do think the bright colors pull together the hodgepodge of functions and furniture.  And DH installed a window AC unit, so I can enjoy the room even on 102-degree days.

I still have a wishlist though…  I’ll keep you updated on these as they happen:

1. Colorful knitted or crocheted napping throw.

2. New desk chair (Oh, please, Crate and Barrel Santa!!  I hates my faux brown leather executive monstrosity)

3. Colorful rug.

4. Mantelpiece for my electric fireplace (preferably PINK!)

Bedroom Redo – Part Four: The Sewing Projects

I sewed and sewed and sewed.  For twelve hours straight… unwashed, breaking only for diet pepsi, cold pizza, and bio breaks.  This was reality-show-deadline sewing.

Patchwork Room Divider…

I have a little swing out rod on which a curtain can be hung to provide a little room separation.  This project was free because I already had the fabric.  Well, I guess not free, but paid off a loooong time ago.  I incorporated a lot of fabrics that I bought on a whim and never had a use for.


Crocheted Pillows…

I wish crocheting a fancy edge on pillows was my full time job.  I had so much fun doing this.  And very little in life makes me happier than this shining trio on my bed.  The quilt was the quilt that was already on my bed, just turned over.  I thought I wanted a new patchy quilt, but the budget and time didn’t allow, and now I am kind of glad, because the tiffany blue makes my little darlings pop.




Bedroom Redo – Part Three: The Crafty Projects


My friend S did this cool project where she modpodged family photos onto the first letter of their last name… it was very cute.  I did a similar project with letters and scrapbooking paper I already owned.  I think it turned out cute… and my husband hasn’t griped too much about the extra sweetness in his bedroom.


Framed Fabric….

The very day I put this on my wall, the smug Emily Henderson told me that you shouldn’t frame fabric unless it is vintage or tribal.  Whatevs… some day that Amy Butler is going to be super vintage.  I am just ahead of the curve on that one.  Loved this project… lots of color, easy, cheap.  For lots of  drooly fabric-in-embroidery hoop ideas, go here, but clear your day first.


Window Dressing….

The floral wreath (Paper Source kit) and circle garland are all craft projects I created a long time ago… but they fit in with the new room, so out they came… yay!!


Bedroom Redo – Part Two: Color

I love pink and purple and orange and tealy blue.  I love them.  I had a pink and neon green bedroom as a kid, and when I bought my first house, one of the first things I did was to paint the bedroom walls pink.  My senior year I had a dorm room to myself, and I hung up 100+ pictures and postcards of flowers to hide cement walls.  All of the bedding I like comes in twin or crib size only.  I never outgrew bright colors, and since I don’t have a corresponding simpering personality, I am ok with my color predilections.

Since doing the kids rooms’ last summer (here and here), I have been hankering to take a crack at our room because I want some color and life.  The room is where we sleep, DH stores his clothes, and is my office.  My office (aka craft empire) is full of color color color… and I had a failed attempt at making the rest of the bedroom more serene and grownupy.  The two parts of the room clashed, and the lack of feminine floral color pop that has been in every bedroom I have inhabited since I was 6 made me sad.

And so I dreamed of a rainbow-colored etsy dream.  Little bits of joy and color and whimsy and floral print all over the place.  A room that would make me smile.  When I go to fabric stores, I long for a room where I could actually use the crazy floral prints I see.  And so I granted my wish….