Everything bag!

Everything bag!

  I love, love, love this fabric.  I got this from the asskickin’ cotton laminate selection at Sara’s in Lawrence.  I really would have liked to rented a u-haul and taken all of the giant rolls home.  I ended up … Continue reading

Follow Me!

I am remaking my online shiznit – and if you read this blog and would also like to know what I say on Twitter – please follow me there:  https://twitter.com/#!/ghrn

(I am trying to separate my online life from work and school colleagues who I don’t want to share the personal stuff with… an unreachable dream, but let me try.  SOOO… if you are reading this blog, I know you are the right audience – because otherwise I wouldn’t have told you about my blog.  And if you are the right audience, I would love for you to follow me and me to follow you on Twitter.  Boy howdy that is confusing.)


Earlier this week my little princess dog knocked over a shelf in the bathroom, rendering our sink not functional.  And I had a bunch of school and work work to do over the weekend.  And I felt like the unluckiest person in the world. And then I was put in my place. 

Today there was a barrage of sad news from very different places – from dearest friends to internet life gurus.  I am writing this only to send the best vibes I can out to everybody I love – vibes of healing, understanding, hope, and the freedom to express whatever rage at the universe they need to.

And I am going to go home, kiss my broken sink and giant textbook, and thank the universe for perspective.

Feeling Rich!

I sit next to a rich guy at work.  I mean seriously rich.  Not just big-house-in-Olathe rich.  Parents-with-vacation-mansions-in-distant-lands rich.  Sometimes I feel really sad sitting next to him because that kind of wealth is probably forever out of my reach.  And I am not as well off as my parents by the time they were my age and I had a lot more advantages than them.  I crave the luxury to relax about money – i.e. pay for college. I crave lots of worldly, luxurious travel.  I crave a new car. 

But I know I don’t need those things to make a happy life.  And with continued focus on long term goals I can reduce my anxiety about money.  That doesn’t mean I don’t feel a little green-eyed monstery about people who have too much money and have always had too much money.

After a day spent overhearing conversations about expensive kitchen remodels and island vacations I was feeling a little bummed as I made my way home.

And then I walked in and the delicious scent of the vegetarian Indian food my husband had made for dinner hit me.  And I felt rich.  And I decided that feeling rich isn’t always about having enough or too much money… and decided to come up with a list of things that make me feel rich:

1. Dinner with my sweet friends, laughing our butts off so much that we are *those people* who get nasty glares from the other diners.

2. An afternoon free of meetings.

3. My homemmade funky, happy winter acoutrement – wrist warmers, scarves, etc.

4. When the kids jump and squeal and hug me when I get home because they are happy to see me.

5. When my car makes it through an oil change yet again without the soul-crushing call that major repairs are needed.  (Nothing can make a person feel poorer than a car that needs to be fixed a lot.)

6. When I exercise every day I planned to in a week.

7. Chinese tofu curry at Blue Koi.  Frickin’ yum!!

8. Packages that arrive in the mail containing a homemade marvel from a friend.

9. Slinging on my parcel bag, heading out for fun with the kids and DH.

10.  A free hour to watch bad television and not feel guilty about it because my work is done.

11. A clean, still, bright kitchen on Saturday morning.

That is a lot of things – and I know I can come up with more.  Hope you are finding the things that make you feel rich.  And if you already are rich, want to buy me lunch at Blue Koi?  😉

Cultural and Natural Events – 2010

I had a goal of attending 13 “events” that will get me out of the house and expanding my horizons.  I did well with this goal – seems I am better at expanding my horizons than I thought – 18/13, or 138% of goal met.

1. Andy Warhol exhibit with the wee ones

2. Happiness Project talk with J and K

3. Kemper Museum with DH

4. Grey Gardens at Unicorn Theater with L

5. Point Reyes National Park – with DH during San Francisco trip

6. DeYoung museum – with DH during San Francisco trip

7. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – with DH during San Francisco trip

8. Craft and Folk Museum – with DH during San Francisco trip

9. Muir Woods Park – with DH during San Francisco trip

10. California Academy of Science – with DH during San Francisco trip

11. Kauffman Gardens – with the kids and DH

12. Powell Gardens – with the kids and DH

13. Liberty Arts Squared Festival with DH

14. Utah Fossil Dig with the kids and DH – I only dug one day, actually one hour, actually one 1/2 hour – but I am counting it

15. You Can’t Take it With You by Bell Road Barn Players – with S, M, D, and J – the first night of the dinner bunch – and we had fun.

16. Cool train in Lawrence that I can’t remember the name of with DH

17. Tea at Intercontinental with the knitting gals

18. A Very Joan Crawford Christmas at The Unicorn Theater with J, S, D, M, and DH.  Featuring the most awesomest Dirty Dorothy.

Dinner Party!

Two Saturdays ago we had awesome people over for dinner – I love the moments just before guests arrive – the anticipation of good food and conversation with friends, the house clean, and a pretty table to enjoy.

Day 5!

I think I am going to have to stop blogging on day-by-day progress – because it officially feels just fine – even on a Saturday when even a week ago I when I ate like a madwoman on the weekends.  Tonight was a challenge of going out with friends – skinny friends who never eat everything on their plate, therefore they are skinny – and I didn’t eat everything on my plate either – not even close.  Yay!

My next update on the scintillating topic of my progression on the Carb Lover’s Diet will be Monday after my official weigh-in with Mandy – only two more days to declare the first week done!

Lunch Club!

One of the best gifts of this year has been lunch club… It was started with some friends from work and includes Curly Sue, Nannon, Kool, DH, and Debbie (she doesn’t have a nickname that has stuck yet).  It is so weird and spectacular for me to have a group of friends like this.  About once a week we go out to lunch (sometimes dinner) to places we wouldn’t otherwise go to and laugh and talk – just like people on sitcoms – love, love, love it.  And they always pick a place that will have good food options for me and Curly Sue – who eats vegan most of the time.

So far we have been to some great places and some not-so-great places – in no particular order:

1. Alladin’s Cafe

2. Room 39

3. Cafe des Amis

4. Blue Koi

5. Blue Bird Bistro

6. Boozefish

7. Saigon 39

8. The Farmhouse

This week we are going to Westside Local – and in two weeks, Justus Drugstore.  Yay 🙂


I just got an invitation from a friend to attend her 40th-birthday celebration at her home. I am superexcited for the following reasons:

1. I love getting an invitation to a grown-up party.
2. The party is in walking distance from my house, so I can imbibe and then walk home!
3. I will get to see some old friends.

In celebration of being invited to the celebration, I have reposted my 40-before-40 list (to the left) on the blog.


My friend and maid of honor Heather just got engaged!!!!!!! Yay! Here is a list of why her fiancee is one of the smartest men in the world for asking her to marry him. (list 82)

1. There is no drama with Heather. She doesn’t play games – ever.
2. Heather is a freakin’ doctor!
3. Heather has the kindest heart – she always is on your side – and wants what is best for her friends and family always.
4. I think she has complained like, six times in her life – total.
5. Heather takes care of business. She doesn’t talk, she gets it done.
6. Heather is neat and organized. (I know, I roomed with her.)
7. Heather loves to learn new things.
8. Heather is an amazing listener. She doesn’t judge or preach, just listens and supports.
9. Heather is whatever the opposite of materialistic and shallow is.
10. Heather overcomes anything life throws at her. And it has thrown some junk at her – she perseveres and remains happy.

Yay, Heather! I am so happy for you.

And my only piece of advice for Heather’s future husband. Don’t spill water in the bed – she gets MAD. 😉