We went to Powell Gardens!

IMG_1155 _Snapseed IMG_1173 _Snapseed IMG_1184 _Snapseed IMG_1216 _Snapseed IMG_1227 _Snapseed IMG_1262 _Snapseed IMG_1306 _SnapseedTop 3 takeaways from our trip to Powell Gardens:

1. LEGO is seriously some cool shit.  They had 14 amazing LEGO sculptures at Powell Gardens – you must go see them.  LEGO may not be more amazing than Nature, but Nature best be watchin’ her back.

2. It is annoying how DH is 3 years older than me and happily  kneeled to get his picture taken in the lil’ kid photo cutouts.  My knees hurt just looking at the picture of him in the grape.

3. Fresh fruits and vegetables are yummy.  (You aren’t reading this blog for breaking news, hopefully?)

Our Summer To-Do List!

IMG_0667I am not sure if this is ambitious or not.  And why do I care if it is ambitious?  It seems like enough to do so that summer doesn’t sneak away without me noticing. And that is enough.

Enough until I decided I had to capture it all in a scrapbook.  Because, for me, enough isn’t enough until it is too much.  Regardless, away we go!

Our Family Summer To Do List:

1. Go to the zoo.

2. Go to Powell Gardens.

3. See a play.

4. Cheer on the Royals.

5. Go camping. in. a. tent.  (Cabin camping will not suffice for SD – it is hardcore, or not at all.)

6. Make the front yard gorgeous.

7. Go to a contemporary art museum.

8. CAMP GINGER!!!!  (theme yet to be decided)

9. See an outdoor concert.

10. Go to Worlds of Fun.

11. Fly a kite.

12. Go to a farmer’s market.

13. See fireworks.  BOOM!


2012 12 Days of Family Christmas – #1: Elf, Pajamas, Cocoa

I DREAD the holidays.  I am not sure when exactly the dread started – I do know it is wrapped up in money and increased tension in interpersonal relationships and the hassle of putting up decorations.  I wish I could fast forward to January.  But I can’t – so the 12 Days of Family Christmas is my attempt to celebrate with and for the kids, and to force myself to be present during the holidays.  So we kicked off on Saturday – we bought new holiday pajamas and watched Elf and drank cocoa (peppermint tea for me).  It was fun – no dread at all, really.  And the kids look dordables in their new pajamas, of course.  And it is hard to resist Will Farrell’s Elf’s love of Christmas and energy for making things festive.

5 Years: Our Love is Organic!

DH and I have been married for 5 years + some change.  We finally got around to celebrating yesterday – we did all things gardening – something we both love.  We started the day at the Lawrence Farmer’s Market, took … Continue reading

Stepmother’s Day!

I get panicky about how quickly time seems to be moving now.  Every moment the kids seem to get closer to not being kids.  I am loving who they are becoming, but afraid it will all go too quickly.  This Sunday we got a chance to pause time and celebrate Stepmother’s Day.  It was wonderful – I got some kickass gifts and treats, and we watched the solar eclipse.  It was wonderful – thank you, Rick Santorum!

Things I Love Right Now

1. Vegan taco night


2.  My husband of 5 years + 14 days

3. Making little pouches with ZIPPERS!!


4. Solar Astronomy

5. The promise of fresh summer tomatoes around the corner

6. Fuel Friends Spring 2012 Mix

7. lmgtfy

12 Days of Christmas – Day 12!

We have to pass over day 11 because we haven’t had a chance to do it yet – but we will get to it.  But the last activity was creating Frosty the Cheesebal – which was almost more fun than frustrating.  Although he did look hilarious melting.  This was part of a melange of appetizer food we had at my mom and dad’s for a new year’s day celebration.  We also played Yahtzee, laughed a whole bunch, and SS ate his weight in sugar cookies.

12 Days of Christmas – Day 10!


When I wrote this little activity on the card, I planned for it to be cold, possibly wishing for a light dusting of snow, so that it would be memorable, bracing, character building.  But activity 10, “Go for a Winter Hike”, was quite pleasant and we wore *hoodies*!!!  And the kids were warm enough to ham it up a bit, which I guess is a good thing.

12 Days of Christmas – Day 9!

Day 9 was when I wasn’t available for the whole activity – so it was geared more towards DH and the kids.  The activity was a Dr. Who Christmas Marathon.  All of them are gaga for the Dr., and so the plan was to watch all of the Christmas specials since they started with the “new” doctors.  Because we had only an evening for this, they didn’t get through many.  I am hoping next year we will have a whole day to take to do this – I think they would love it… and I love tv viewing marathons, although I would prefer Gilmore Girls.