Gettin’ $H)T Done Day! (1/12)

I took today off to get some shit done.  Specifically, cleaning out my closet.  Old houses have swings and roundabouts.  One of the greatest things about my old house is my GIANT attic-y closet just off the upstairs bath.  All mine and all giant.  Which means I crammed stuff in there.  Do you remember this?

I had a dresser that kept getting pushed farther and farther forward by the crap I didn’t want to deal with.  It was the one unfun thing I was going to do – clean out that closet – during my sabbatical.  But it didn’t happen.  Sewing and not doing that were too much fun.  So I womanned up, took a day off and conquered it.  So not fun.  And a bunch of bags to go to charity.  But done.  My closet isn’t decorated – I might put in a rug and some other decorate-y stuff at some point.  For now, I know my morning tomorrow is going to be so much better without a pile of mess peeking out.  Woot.

Here are the results (I still need to vacuum -ignore the carpet)…

IMG_1223 _Snapseed _Snapseed

Pretty little boxes all lined up…

IMG_1215 _Snapseed _Snapseed


Table of girly things I love and photographs…

IMG_1217 _Snapseed



Pretty scarves…

IMG_1219 _Snapseed


Pretty necklaces…IMG_1221

In a month there will be another day of getting shit done… probably attack the scary table linen boxes.  But this closet is by far the hardest thing I had to tackle.  And it’s done.  🙂 🙂


I am turning the corner to 40.  I truly can’t believe it.  At times the things that are behind me and are no longer possible is staggering.  I will never be young and thin.  Not ever.  I never will nuzzle a baby that is mine.   But I really can’t think of a third.  And that is OK.  There are lots of things still possible in life, and lots of joy I have had.  As I face the second 1/2 (like Maude it is over for me at 80), I am focusing on making myself 4 things:  Simple, Pretty, Healthy, Interesting.  Simplifying has been difficult.  I am trying to cut the noise so I can get down to the aesthete of life that is most important to me.  I want to leave this world being known for a few things, like all the great women I have known and know.  My mom forever will be for me soft, warm, unwaveringly kind, the best at setting tables – better than Martha, a wonderful writer, quietly funny, with sparkling amethysts and peridots.

Right now I think I will be remembered for my irreverence, skill at work, and… well, I am not sure.  The dream of simplification is that I can strip away the unliked, the unnecessary, and the untenable to bring into focus who I am.

I have taken the following steps to simplify:

1. Planning a weekly menu.

2. Stopping the yo-yo between vegan and omnivore.  I am a mostly vegetarian.  It is sad to let go of the Vegan part of who I am forever – but it falls under the untenable category.

3. No TV, no video games.

4. Limiting my wardrobe… 10 outfits rotated.

5. Wearing the same jewelry every day – my wedding ring, a silver locket.  This one is the hardest because I have had lots of pride in my ability to accessorize – but it is unnecessary.  I am not sure what to do yet with the scads of costume jewelry I have.  For now they sit in a drawer, not bothering me.

6. Limiting trying new products.  I have stuff I like.  I don’t have to try a new perfume or a new energy bar.  It is unnecessary, and sometimes unliked.

7. Wearing my hair curly.  I have used a hair dryer TWICE this year, maybe only once last year.  It is simpler.  J’hate blow drying my hair.

I have a long way to go.  My list of dumb addictions and related lingering accoutrement is long, and almost every closet in my house is a mess.  But by 50 I should have it figured out for sure.  But I am not going to push for 41 – because lots of unnecessary pressure is not part of a simpler life.