Dining Room Dish

DH worked his magic and was able to find paint to match our wall color.  Which was awesome because we could fix the weird blue rectangle  in our dining room.  Phew!  Earlier this year, I made a wall hanging for the dining room using linen and some Japanese fabric I LOVE.  It works pretty well with my hexagon table runner. 

Before weird blue rectangle…

IMG_1763After weird blue rectangle…

I really want to keep little flowers on my dining room table.  THAT.DAMN.CAT does not allow such frivolities.  He knocked over a vase of flowers, drenching the table runner, more than once.  And so this weekend I bought a pretty polish pottery vase and ceramic flowers.  It adds flowers to the table, coordinates with the floral eclectic that is my dining room.

IMG_1816We got the flowers and vase at Renditions in Weston, MO.  Truly a great place – two thumbs up.  They have floral jack o’lanterns (no kidding) that I am going to get when Halloween gets closer.  I love the idea of being able to have a touch of seasonal decorating without having to switch out all of my flowery stuff.  Woot.


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