We Went Camping!

For an embarrassingly long time, sweet SD has asked that we go camping.  We have taken two camping trips before – one where we spent a week in Colorado, and a brief one-night stay at a state park.  Both were awesome, and we should do it more.  We went to the same state park again and had a great time.  It is going to be our new Stepmother’s Day celebration every year… so at least we will go once a year.


Master camp chef starting dinner.  DH created a ready-to-go camp box with everything we need – so theoretically we could leave pretty quickly any time we wanted to.  Now that it is hot though, I will not want to go any time soon.



Our tent.  I love our tent.  I love waking up in a tent.  Actually I like the thought of waking up in a tent.  Because for me waking up in a tent means I have to pee.  boo.



Awesome SS being awesome.



Awesome SD being awesome.



Tootsies by the fire.




Lewis and Clark memorial thingie that is patterned after the Mariner’s Compass quilt block.  😉  DH thinks maybe the quilt block and this memorial thingie are both just patterned after a Mariner’s compass.  Chicken. Egg.



Unflattering but happy post camping selfie.


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