Gettin’ $H)T Done Day! (1/12)

I took today off to get some shit done.  Specifically, cleaning out my closet.  Old houses have swings and roundabouts.  One of the greatest things about my old house is my GIANT attic-y closet just off the upstairs bath.  All mine and all giant.  Which means I crammed stuff in there.  Do you remember this?

I had a dresser that kept getting pushed farther and farther forward by the crap I didn’t want to deal with.  It was the one unfun thing I was going to do – clean out that closet – during my sabbatical.  But it didn’t happen.  Sewing and not doing that were too much fun.  So I womanned up, took a day off and conquered it.  So not fun.  And a bunch of bags to go to charity.  But done.  My closet isn’t decorated – I might put in a rug and some other decorate-y stuff at some point.  For now, I know my morning tomorrow is going to be so much better without a pile of mess peeking out.  Woot.

Here are the results (I still need to vacuum -ignore the carpet)…

IMG_1223 _Snapseed _Snapseed

Pretty little boxes all lined up…

IMG_1215 _Snapseed _Snapseed


Table of girly things I love and photographs…

IMG_1217 _Snapseed



Pretty scarves…

IMG_1219 _Snapseed


Pretty necklaces…IMG_1221

In a month there will be another day of getting shit done… probably attack the scary table linen boxes.  But this closet is by far the hardest thing I had to tackle.  And it’s done.  🙂 🙂


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