Moving things around…

Hello !  Happy 2014 !!!  Bet you are expecting a blog post with a bunch of resolutions ??  Well, not this year.  There are things I need to work on and have been working on and will continue to work on – but now see it is an evolution and not an on/off switch.

This is more of an administrative post.  I have been having so much fun quilting (and blogging about quilting) that I am creating a new blog to focus on that here:  If you are interested in my quilting exploits, please add this blog to your reading schedule or your RSS feed.  Please?  Also, if you wouldn’t mind pinning or tweeting or facebooking some of my posts there so I can build my quilt blogger brand, that would be off the hizzle.  What about if I promise never to use the word “brand” or “hizzle” again?  I am hoping in the next 30-40 years of becoming a professional quilt blogger, so your help is appreciated.  🙂

This blog remains, and I am going to commit to at least one post per week about what is going on with me – good ol’ oversharing and whinging.  So, yay.

As always, you can find me @GHRN on twitter


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