Pillow 3: Urban Dresden

Another tutorial from Missouri Quilt Co:

And I decided I wanted to make a dresden plate.  I made a couple coasters for my mom with a 1/4 dresden pattern.  Then made this giant dresden  that I am not sure what I am going to use it for (anybody need a soft color pillow or table runner?):



I thought I was dresden plated out for a while, and then I started struggling with the Jay McCarroll Center City Miami Midtown fabric that I thought I loved when I bought it at Urban Arts and Crafts (which suddenly has awesome huge selection of fabric, including precuts).  I tried several designs and the fabric just looked icky.  So, out of desperation I tried a dresden plate.  The combination of the oldie-timey pattern and the uber modern fabric just sort of worked all of a sudden.  I think part of it is that the fabric just looked better cut up smaller – and the pattern makes it look like more patchwork then it is.  I quartered the plate to make it look a bit more modern.

All of my quilting projects have become so much white noise with DH and the kids.  But this one turned out so well that even the kids noticed and said how good it looked.  So, yay.  I now have hit the maximum number of decorative pillows I am allowed per family law.  So this may be the last pillow for a bit.  🙂

IMG_1162 _Snapseed

4 thoughts on “Pillow 3: Urban Dresden

  1. Ginger-
    Your creativity and writing are both so beautiful! I love catching up on your “writing” even if I don’t comment often enough (I finally took the EXHAUSTED EFFORT – you know the 2 seconds to reset my password so I could comment). I’d love to pay you for a table runner so I could have a piece of your creativity/inspiration with me every day!

    Hope you and the family are great – I miss you!

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