Going Negative!

I do not like negative space.  I like floral patterns.  And lots of colors.  Saturated, bright colors.  I can appreciate modern quilts for their simple beauty, but I am not sure I could ever make one.  For example, the hexagon quilt – made from a pattern, I used a bright pink for my negative space – just to keep me interested.  And then I made a hexagon quilt of my own design for a friend’s baby.  And wow.  Lots and lots and lots of color and print.  No negative space.  And I loved it – Although not exactly an easy pattern, I zipped through it, because every day I was glad to see it.
securedownload (1)
But when I confronted making a quilt for another couple’s pending baby, I had to back off pattern-craziness.  And use negative space.  And I really enjoyed working on it, and fell in love with the grey fabric I was using. And I really love the results.
The negative space print is Eclectic Essentials – Dictionary.  The fabric has dictionary pages with words important to young families – like travel, tree, time, forgive, and flourish.  I LOVE IT.  I wish I could buy 50 yards so I would always have it for projects. And it was the perfect juxtaposition to the bright camping-theme fabric used in the strips and chevrons.  Modern, fresh, and with negative space to make those colors pop.
So I am now working on two more projects with negative space.  And lots of eye-popping color.  Woot.

3 thoughts on “Going Negative!

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