That 70s Sewing Show

IMG_0017This is the last week of my sabbatical, and after finishing the Project Linus Quilts, I celebrated by doing some sewing for myself and loved ones.  The first thing I did was a “runner” for my dining room table.  I love the size and design of my hand-me down dining room table, but I like to keep the leaf in, so I need something of some size to cover the leaf lines.

I scoured the Moda Bakeshop to find an appropriate pattern and landed on this one.  I did pause briefly to feel ever so slightly badly for using Anna Marie Horner and Amy Butler fabrics for a pattern Moda provided me for free.  But it was all fair and square in the end, in that hours after scrupulously following the instructions, I got to the last seam and the left side of the blanket was approximately 6 inches longer than the right half.  !!!  I then read the comments on the pattern where people noted that the pattern didn’t work out.  Grrrr.  But I calmed down, adjusted, and it ended up looking pretty darn good.  If not, well, from the 70s.  But it looks great with my decorative pumpkins.  “It’s decorative gourd season, mother fuckers.”

AND I started to become proficient in machine quilting out of the ditch.  Those stitches look like stitches.  woot.


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