Project Linus Quilt #1


I am nearing the end of my long term service award – 4 weeks off in recognition of 13 years of service (I am a little late in taking it – I just celebrated my 15th anniversary.  As part of our time off, we commit to 40 hours of volunteer work or professional development.  I submitted my application to make quilts for Project Linus – 5 quilts at approximately 8 hours each – well I ended up with 5 quilts, but it took way more than 80 hours.  But I LOVED making the quilts.  Pictured is my first one.  Made with 2 Moda “Just Wing It” charm packs and some butterfly fabric left over from when we redecorated SD’s room.  I still have 2 metric tons of the aqua and white fabric, if anybody wants some.

This quilt would take less than 8 hours today, I have really increased my skill in piecing and quilting by doing these projects, and I am glad I started with an easy, small quilt – that still looks cute because of the cute fabric.


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