I gots cultured: UMKC Symphony performs The Planets by Holtz


Friends, the kids, DH and I went to the UMKC Conservatory Wind Symphony performance on 10.28.  I thought the performance was amazing – the pairing of the music with the planet images.  I popped out of my seat as soon as the last note was played.  Afterwards as we drove around trying to find a place open late enough to get dinner (yes, we are *those* parents), DH described some of the things wrong with the performance.  And he played the music by somebodyawesomeeuropeanprofessionalsymphony.  And I saw his point.  The evening was fun, the college kids did a fine job, but the music played professionally was miles apart.  And then I saw Balanchine done poorly a week later and got frustrated and mad with the wild applause… and I really saw his point.  More on that later.

Here is DH and the kids – in their fancy clothes.  And I didn’t teach the kids how to not smile – Maybe once their braces come off.  I smile *with* my giant, gappy teeth.


And the Kauffman Center couldn’t be more beautiful.  Even if visitors ask me if it was meant to look like the Sydney Opera House.  Sigh.


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