It is not forever…


I recently took my first Spin class.  It was wonderful and hard and exhilarating and my lady parts protested.  But I am glad I did it.  I have been exercising a lot lately – nearly everyday – from short walks with DH and sweet Annie to grueling 1.5+ hour ballet classes.  And I have found that it isn’t forever.  And everyday is easier – that the hardest part is showing up.*  And the second hardest part was surviving that first spin class.  The class was 45 minutes and I looked at the clock at least 90 times.  And in the middle, the instructor said “PUSH!  8 more seconds!!  This isn’t forever!”  And she was right.  And then she complimented me on making it through my first class without giving up, even though I only did about 1/3 of the stand-ups and increase tensions.  And I would have given her a million dollars if I had it.  Those who have figured it out give a true gift by encouraging (not patronizing) those of us who are just now figuring it out.  I am learning to love loving myself.

*These obvious insights about exercise realized by billions of people before me, brought to you by my big, beautiful self.  You are welcome.


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