Have a nice trip, see you next fall…

The weather is changing, which means all the energy that zapped from me from memorial day to labor day just came back home.  And I now have energy to blog.  Woot.  So, I left the thread right after Camp Ginger.  Since then….

1. Had my 15-year anniversary at the corporation for whom I work.  Which meant a limo ride with DH and the kids and a delicious meal at the Capital Grill.  I knew it would be fun, but it was even more fun than I imagined.  The limo was great, but the kids’ reaction to the limo was even greater.  Their usually blase attitudes were replaced with actual excitement.  That limo was a time machine to them being six again.  And we got all dressed up – this picture was taken before the limo, so they still were maintaining their 12-year-old “cool”.



2. I took the world’s most boring business trip to LA.  I usually have at least some fun while I am out there, but this trip was wake up, go to work, go to hotel, work, sleep, repeat.  Blech.

3. I won an award at work for the top 2% of employees.  Which was a great thing to happen for my 15 years.  For a couple weeks there work was a whirlwind of awards and flowers and dinners and gifts.  All back to normal for a couple more weeks, until I have my 4-week long term service award.  

4. The kids started middle school (that is what junior high is called now) and they are thriving.  They were varying degrees of miserable this summer – too old to be kids, too young to not be kids.  But they both are doing really well.  They have friends and new speech patterns and it all is weird and great as parents.  I am *VERY* relieved the sullen kids who stayed with us this summer have not returned for the fall.

5. DH and I have stopped watching television.  We will see how far we get, but so far it has been wonderful.  Truly wonderful.  I have time and energy to do things – like this – and I don’t feel bleary and exhausted at the end of the day.  We are early days, but I am hoping all the benefits remain and my longing for Parks and Rec or Modern Family doesn’t become too great.  

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