We went to the Kansas City Zoo!

IMG_0989 _Snapseed IMG_1102 _Snapseed IMG_1106 _Snapseed

IMG_1039 _Snapseed

IMG_1019 _SnapseedTop three takeaways:

1. My stepkids’ crack is dippin dots.  From the moment they heard “zoo” their minds were working on a way to get them.  It started on the drive down, “Hey, you know what is good that they have at the zoo?  Dippin’ Dots.  Maybe we should get some?”  to seventeen more mentions of Dippin’ Dots.  Cut to the moment we reached the Dippin’ Dots cart and they were asked if they would like some – playing it cool, they consented… I mean might as well since the cart is right here and all, right? Well played, junkies, well played.

2. The African sky tram is one of the top 3 greatest things in Kansas City.  But I am biased, I like anything where I can sit on my ass and see stuff.  Way better than walking my ass around to see stuff.

3. Little kids are so rude.  We got their early, and as the day wore on the invasion started.  We are a package of grumpasaurases who were rolling our eyes at the audacity of little kids to cry and squeal and meander in front of us with their chubby little awkward legs.  I mean, SRSLY, LEARN TO WALK, 3 year-olds!!




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