Our Summer To-Do List!

IMG_0667I am not sure if this is ambitious or not.  And why do I care if it is ambitious?  It seems like enough to do so that summer doesn’t sneak away without me noticing. And that is enough.

Enough until I decided I had to capture it all in a scrapbook.  Because, for me, enough isn’t enough until it is too much.  Regardless, away we go!

Our Family Summer To Do List:

1. Go to the zoo.

2. Go to Powell Gardens.

3. See a play.

4. Cheer on the Royals.

5. Go camping. in. a. tent.  (Cabin camping will not suffice for SD – it is hardcore, or not at all.)

6. Make the front yard gorgeous.

7. Go to a contemporary art museum.

8. CAMP GINGER!!!!  (theme yet to be decided)

9. See an outdoor concert.

10. Go to Worlds of Fun.

11. Fly a kite.

12. Go to a farmer’s market.

13. See fireworks.  BOOM!



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