Holding On!

Both my husband and I lamented last year how the spring and summer seemed to pass without marking it much.  Things were crazy for me at work, DH was transitioning into a new role with the kids, and we seemed to just let the summer disappear.

This year we are trying to be conscientious about our time spent.  To do the things that come once a season, to not let the last summer the kids have before the new world of middle school disappear.  For me, it doesn’t come naturally to engage in things other than total shut-down recovery – especially when it is hot outside.

To help this along, for the next 28 days no TV or video games.  Something I seemed to have tried a least a bazillion times, usually unsuccessfully.  Today marks the fourth day.  It has been easier than I thought, but with some real touch-and-go moments.  Today at worked SUCKED – and I made this proclamation originally after a great day at work – but my buzzing stress and emotional dry well made the whole thing seem whack-a-doo this evening when I got home.  But I ate dinner at the dining room table, read, practiced hindi, and now am writing.  And not once today did I turn on a television.  I am anxious to see how the next 28 days changes me.  Hoping against history that I will be able to hold on – to the summer, to my resolution to turn off and tune in.

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