What I Will and Won’t Miss

A few weeks ago I stumbled across Nora Ephron’s list of what she will and won’t miss when she left this world. The list made me cry and laugh, because it is so wonderful and because she is gone. The idea has stuck with me – and I find myself many times a day categorizing all that is my existence into these two categories. It gives me a moment to try to catch up with myself.

And so I am capturing some of my list here, copying the super amazing cool cat Nora.

What I Won’t Miss

Arguments about whether women are as funny as men or not
“Social Media”
Cars – driving in, paying for, riding in, paying to be fixed, insuring
The moment of anxiety when the phone rings
Couples Baby Showers
Weeds and Mulch
Music played at chain restaurants
Billed hats worn in the wrong direction
Breaking News
Worrying about my appearance
Sushi and the pressure to like Sushi
Listening to others talk about dieting
Smiling when I don’t want to
Raccoons and squirrels
Not having enough time

What I Will Miss

My puppy’s blue eyes
Making my family laugh
Making my friends laugh
Bright fabric
Iced Tea
A cold bedroom and a big comforter
First snow
Finishing a task
Ballet, but most specifically giant leaps where the dancer pauses in the air
All the songs that break my heart
People who can laugh at themselves
Strong hugs – when a person is trying to give you a piece of them to comfort me
Colors – particularly the bright ones
Girl Scouts
Art galleries
The picture of my great grandmother
My mom’s smile and my dad’s laugh
When DH calls me “Kitten”
Gathering all the details on my stepkids’ days


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