10 Things I Have Done Instead!

Recently, I declared myself TV- and video game-free.  That isn’t completely accurate, but I have had a lot less of both.  I have been practicing, I’ll put it that way.  It is daunting to face some moments without automatically flipping on the tv or my iPad.  And family time is still hard to shift… sometimes it is hard to think of something to do other than watching TV altogether – otherwise the kids quietly slip into their rooms.  But it is getting better.  Here are some things I have done instead:

1. Read the NY times – mostly the parts about celebrities and shoes, but a couple thinker articles also.

2. Redone my nails.

3. Cooked leeks.

4. Watched some movies (I don’t count watching movies or Poirot DVDs as vegging out – but I make it is something I want to see and that I pay attention – not multitask.)

5. Sewed and sewed and sewed.

6. Made yummy vegan mandarin chicken salad.

7. Did a lot of online luxury purse window shopping (not a good substitution).

8. Played Fruit Ninja on Kinect with DH – not sure if this is a good substitution or not – still a screen, totally addictive, but my arms feel like they had a good workout.

9. Read some of a book.

10. Learned how to toast slivered almonds.

I am not the austere, intellectual, home-cooking, polished, well-exercised goddess yet.  But there is a slllllloooooow transition happening.  Which is something.  And my nails look great.


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