Fall Banana Peeling!

When the air turns from crisp to cold, and the pumpkins are thrown out, and I know it is almost that time – Fall Banana Peeling!  I truly can’t wait – the warm pina coladas, the awesome friends coming over to peel bananas and play those monkey games.  So messy, so fun – I am so sad it only comes once a year.  I hope you have a spectacular fall banana peeling – I know I will, because of the fun and because of this outfit – perfect for the occasion.


Avenue Marled Pocket Cardigan
Old Navy Women’s Plus Pencil Skirts
Avenue Double Lace Trim Cami
Nordstrom Ribbon Conductor Hat
Anthropologie Sea Shinle Necklace
David Tate Bronco Wide Shaft

**The first in a series – a spoof of blog collections to make sure you know how unstylish and poor you really are, as well as missing out on awesome events to wear awesome outfits.  The events are spoofs – the outfits are real but not owned by me – I feel like there need to be more drool-worthy collections of outfits that feature plus-size clothing.  I was inspired this morning when I walked into the grocery store in Merona yoga pants, a white old navy tshirt with a mysterious stain on the sleeve, and flip flops showing off my chipped red craggy toenails.  I cracked myself up thinking of featuring this outfit under the title “Saturday Morning Trip to Hy-Vee”



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