One of my 40 before 40 goals is to create a cookbook of my favorite 40 vegan recipes.  I am not going to invent 40 new recipes, but capture my favorite recipes modified to be vegan or my favorite recipes from vegan cookbooks.  And I am going to make each recipe three times the same way to make sure it is right – and not take lazy shortcuts in the name of “creativity”.

One of my first challenges will be cream of mushroom soup.  Being white and from the midwest, some of my favorite recipes use this pantry staple.  I have a bead on a white mushroom sauce recipe that I recently found.

And there will be lots of potato recipes.  Here is my planned list:

1. “Chicken” in pastry

2. “Chicken” crepes

3. “Beef” Stroganoff – my favorite food ever

4. Fourth of July Chocolate Cake

5. Snickerdoodle Bars

6. Comfort Casserole

7. Bangin’ Breakfast Sammie

8. Banana Splitted and Cherried and Chocolated Bread

9. Perfect Pizza

10. Deli Samich

11. Those Aren’t Enchiladas

12. Perfect Taco Night

13. Avocado Quesadillas

14. Cute Quiche

15. French Onion Soup

16. Grilled “Cheese” and Mater Soup

17. Blasphemous Barbecue

18. Lovely Lettuce Wraps

19. Sloppy Gingers

20. “Parmesan” “Chicken”

21. Really Vegan Oreos

22. French Toast

23. Apple Crisp

24. Peach Cobbler

25. Spankin’ Spring Salad

26. Stupid Summer Salad

27. Awesome Autumn Salad

28. Bodacious Balsamic Basil Maters

29. Biscuits and Gravy (hopefully a guest post from my husband)

30. Fettucine “Alfredo”

31. Baked Pasta

32. Apples and “Sausage”

33. No Carrots Pot Pie

34. Whipped Potatoes

35. Twice Baked Potatoes

36. Fried Potatoes

37. Roasted Potatoes

38. Sweet Salsa

39. Fancy Dip

40. Chocolated Puffed Rice Cereal



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