Like most people in my neck of the woods, I am thrilled the weather broke.  Summers bum me out.  Normal summers bum me out – the last summer was downright heartbreaking.  When Memorial Day hits, I try to remain positive that this summer will be OK – that I won’t feel uncomfortable and out of sorts.  But inevitably I do – the hot weather, unappealing clothes, and general hang loose attitude of summer is not my bag.  I prefer corduroy and sharpened pencils and focus.  And so when the weather turns cooler, I finally relax.

And I start believing in plans again.  That life is not just about making it through another day of heat, but that I can get organized and make a difference at work and do fun and interesting things in my life.  So, finally, fall is here.  I feel no longer like a round person trying to fit into a square hole.  Yay!  Look for many more posts about how I am making up for lost time.  Starting with sitting on my porch in the cool morning, watching the squirrels skitter, and planning for a great fall-ish day.


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