Bedroom Redo – Part Two: Color

I love pink and purple and orange and tealy blue.  I love them.  I had a pink and neon green bedroom as a kid, and when I bought my first house, one of the first things I did was to paint the bedroom walls pink.  My senior year I had a dorm room to myself, and I hung up 100+ pictures and postcards of flowers to hide cement walls.  All of the bedding I like comes in twin or crib size only.  I never outgrew bright colors, and since I don’t have a corresponding simpering personality, I am ok with my color predilections.

Since doing the kids rooms’ last summer (here and here), I have been hankering to take a crack at our room because I want some color and life.  The room is where we sleep, DH stores his clothes, and is my office.  My office (aka craft empire) is full of color color color… and I had a failed attempt at making the rest of the bedroom more serene and grownupy.  The two parts of the room clashed, and the lack of feminine floral color pop that has been in every bedroom I have inhabited since I was 6 made me sad.

And so I dreamed of a rainbow-colored etsy dream.  Little bits of joy and color and whimsy and floral print all over the place.  A room that would make me smile.  When I go to fabric stores, I long for a room where I could actually use the crazy floral prints I see.  And so I granted my wish….


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