Bedroom Redo – Part Three: The Crafty Projects


My friend S did this cool project where she modpodged family photos onto the first letter of their last name… it was very cute.  I did a similar project with letters and scrapbooking paper I already owned.  I think it turned out cute… and my husband hasn’t griped too much about the extra sweetness in his bedroom.


Framed Fabric….

The very day I put this on my wall, the smug Emily Henderson told me that you shouldn’t frame fabric unless it is vintage or tribal.  Whatevs… some day that Amy Butler is going to be super vintage.  I am just ahead of the curve on that one.  Loved this project… lots of color, easy, cheap.  For lots of  drooly fabric-in-embroidery hoop ideas, go here, but clear your day first.


Window Dressing….

The floral wreath (Paper Source kit) and circle garland are all craft projects I created a long time ago… but they fit in with the new room, so out they came… yay!!



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