Bedroom Redo – Part Four: The Sewing Projects

I sewed and sewed and sewed.  For twelve hours straight… unwashed, breaking only for diet pepsi, cold pizza, and bio breaks.  This was reality-show-deadline sewing.

Patchwork Room Divider…

I have a little swing out rod on which a curtain can be hung to provide a little room separation.  This project was free because I already had the fabric.  Well, I guess not free, but paid off a loooong time ago.  I incorporated a lot of fabrics that I bought on a whim and never had a use for.


Crocheted Pillows…

I wish crocheting a fancy edge on pillows was my full time job.  I had so much fun doing this.  And very little in life makes me happier than this shining trio on my bed.  The quilt was the quilt that was already on my bed, just turned over.  I thought I wanted a new patchy quilt, but the budget and time didn’t allow, and now I am kind of glad, because the tiffany blue makes my little darlings pop.





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