Bedroom Redo – Part Five: The Finale

After many hours, here is the final product – pictures with a bit of exposition…

A million years ago when this house was built they put built-in storage everywhere.  This is a functional but weird cabinet above my bedside table.  There are two triumphs in this redo… the french memo board that I found for a pop of color and the lamp that is low enough that it doesn’t block opening the cabinet door to get to the stuff inside.


My favorite corner of the room.  The hanging was made my mom for me many years ago… new trinkets from Pier 1 – including the cutest cushion ever upon which one can seat one’s ass to apply one’s shoes.  The lamp is from Target and moved from the bedside table to here.


Detail on the dresser… The little fabric triangle hides a scratch… the stones are some of DH’s collection… “vintage” ginger jar… the rest is Pier 1.  And yay me for getting only one owl to put in the room to avoid being a hipster punchline.


These are our his-and-her shelves.  I put a couple ginger jars on DH’s shelves to carry the color across… but his old books and lego minifigs and plastic sharks still are there.  <sigh>  I am such a giver.  I found a place for “green girl” – a painting I bought at the Liberty Art on the Square thingie a couple years ago.  And fuckity fuck I love those pillows.

The next two pictures are a long view…. I apologize for the crappy quality… the backlighting of the windows made a quality picture very difficult.

The new curtains from Target were the greatest expense of the project.  The blue wall and old-house architecture existed prior to the updo.  Do you see what is wrong in this picture?  A downside of a tall husband with a sense of humor.


My friend S brought me the orange scarf from India… I love it here.


So that is the room… I love it lots… definitely achieved country grandma etsy floral color pop rainbow.  I do think the bright colors pull together the hodgepodge of functions and furniture.  And DH installed a window AC unit, so I can enjoy the room even on 102-degree days.

I still have a wishlist though…  I’ll keep you updated on these as they happen:

1. Colorful knitted or crocheted napping throw.

2. New desk chair (Oh, please, Crate and Barrel Santa!!  I hates my faux brown leather executive monstrosity)

3. Colorful rug.

4. Mantelpiece for my electric fireplace (preferably PINK!)


One thought on “Bedroom Redo – Part Five: The Finale

  1. “SLIME”…Bwaaaa Haaaa! Hilarious! Love your pops of color, love the etsy feel, love, love it all. After I get a few projects out of the pipeline place there by other people…it’s on in my house. Poor hubs.

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