Camp Ginger: China Day!

Camp Ginger was supposed to be Monday through Wednesday of the upcoming week, but because of stoopid stuff at stoopid work, it had to be cancelled.  So Camp Ginger will be spread across some weekend days.  This year’s theme is world travel.  Our first stop was China.  Here is what we did:

0800 Travel Ready

The morning kicked off at 0800 sharp with a review of the agenda and distribution of China goodie bags (which were oversized chinese food carton containers.  Did I pick China as our first stop for Camp Ginger as an excuse to get these from Michael’s?  The world will never know.)

The goodie bags contained: A t-shirt for a craft project, a dragon, a notepad featuring pandas, and a lighted contraption that is supposed to simulate the look of fireworks in one’s mouth.  All items were made in China, of course.

0845 Dragonboats @ Brush Creek

We sat on the banks of brush creek and watch teams compete in dragon boat races.  In addition to the action on the water, we saw a multi-car crash (nobody was hurt – a not so bright guy hit six parked cars at low speed), and a girl who has a crush on SS stopped by with her grandmother to say hi.  It was a beautiful morning – I love sitting outside on a blanket and watching things – not sure why, but I do.  I think the kids got a bit bored, but I could have stayed there all day.

1100 Lunch @ P.F. Chang’s

This really speaks for itself.  I love Ma Po Tofu.  Blue Koi would have been better, but there isn’t one walking distance from the day’s activities, and I had a gift certificate.:)

1200 Chinese Art @ Nelson-Atkins

A world-class collection of Chinese art is right here in KC.  It was very beautiful, impressive – and the recreation of the temple brings back warm fuzzy remembrances of my childhood.  It was good for me to get out of my usual-treaded ground at the Nelson.  And I can’t recommend highly enough doing one thing per day at a gallery – makes for a much fuller, relaxed, engaged experience when you plan to look at only one area or room.  And the permanent collection is always free and parking is $5 and easy.  Srsly, just pick a room and go.

1400 Screenprint Chinese Characters

I went gagagoogoopants over this project that I found on the internets.  SOOOO F’ING COOL!!  And so the craft for China day was screen printing Chinese characters onto t-shirts.  This might be the coolest craft ever, with the exception  that there is a lot of wait time.  I hope the kids remember our dining room table always had some sort of craft in progress – and that they will remember the day we screen printed.  The little screens we created for this project are reusable, so if you want to screen print your own item with the character for “Fire” or “Crazy” (the kids’ choices), let me know.


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