Rock my *$(#$#*^%% socks off!

Below are some women who have turned my frown upside down recently. I have always thought that disregarding people based on appearance is a bad thing to do. All the time disregarding my own value because of my size. I have internalized the assumptions about what I can’t do, can’t say, can’t count on from the world because I am not together enough to be a “normal” weight. I even have put on a pedestal attractive (thin) people who seem to like me DESPITE my appearance – that their ability to “overlook” my weight is a sign of their superior character. Oh, for f’s sake.
I have been collecting in my mind inspiration – women who show me that amazeballs doesn’t have a size…

1. Mellissa McCarthy. I have loved her from the moment (on Gilmore Girls) her face fell when Lorelai pointed out that she (Sooki) hadn’t had a date in years. I connected to that moment – her character and her as an actress – from that moment on. I have not been able to watch her new thing, Mike and Molly, because I am afraid it would heap on sterotypes that would make me cringe – but I still love her. And when she won for best actress at the Emmy’s I was thrilled. Funny doesn’t have a size.

The good:

The great:
Melissa McCarthy on SNL

The sublime: Her skirt-falling-off story on Ellen.
Melissa McCarthy on Ellen

2. Brittany Howard in Alabama Shakes. Fucking fuck fuck fuck. I know I should use my words, but I can’t find them… FUCK! I mean…!!!!!!! She kicks ass… and is kind enough to let those white boys kick ass with her. I love her, love this song, love her clothes, love how she plays guitar, love her hair, love that the world I live in contains this kind of awesome. Being a rockstar doesn’t have a size.

The good, the great, the sublime:
Alabama Shakes on Conan

3. Of course, Adele. I do love her voice and her music, natch. But I registered for the Army of Adele in Forever Service to her Excellency after watching the clip on 60 minutes below. Who raised this woman? Please write a book on parenting IMMEDIATELY. Did I wake up in Neverland? Is Adele the second coming? Insight doesn’t have a size.

The good:
Adele talking body image on 60 minutes

The great:

The sublime: Margaret Cho serving up some ass kicking’ to Karl Lagerfeld. “When you say we are fat, you murder our grace, and we’ve already lost so much to begin with.” TEARS. FLOWING.

In the spirit of these women, my therapist-approved commitment is to stop making fun of how I look to get in the nasty comments about my self before other people do. These women own being awesome and I can too.

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