How you know I am a baller:

1. I really don’t know what “baller” means.  I am hoping it is not something offensive – I think it means someone who is serious in their chosen field, i.e. basketball?

2. My mac and cheese was gluten, soy, and dairy free that I had for lunch today.  HOTT.

3. I am embracing the curly girl lifestyle ( and my hair is f’ing gorgeous.  I mean, srsly, be careful about looking at me – you might fall in love.

4. I sometimes get my pants properly hemmed.  Other times I just hope for people not looking at me past my knees.  When I am wearing hemmed pants I walk around a lot more and point at my ankles when I walk past people.  I am 5’4″ and my pants are the right length… I AM A FASHION GODDESS!

5. DH and I have tickets to see a concert consisting of sci fi “classic” songs this weekend.

6. I know the status of Chuck and Blair’s relationship.

7. I send .pdfs, not .docs, so people aren’t confronted with my formatting marks.

8. Twice a day I have coffee with peppermint mocha nondairy creamer.  They haven’t *proven* that nondairy creamer can kill you, right?

9.  I have mp3 hookup in my Prius.  (How did I live without that???)

10. I have not completely surrendered my existence to Jetpack Joyride.  Not yet, anyway.


One thought on “Baller!

  1. Are you going to see George Takai?! Jealous! 😉

    I want to see you with this curly hair! Guess I will soon. 😉 You have to teach me this!!

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