20 Minutes!

I have fought the urge this year to declare all of my resolutions on this blog.  Last year I ended up scrapping them totally – making all the planning and the tracking pointless.  But it is one week in, I am doing pretty well, and I am feeling cocky.

My resolutions for this year:

1. Organize my house – every year I get a little bit closer.
2. Make my bedroom awesome fun funky.  We did the kids’ bedrooms in 2011, I want to make ours kickin’ in 2012.  I have lots of ideas – just need the energy.
3. Vegan 365 days – I have gotten so far afield of this part of who I am – but after a lot of searching, I am back.  And it is going so well.  So far 7 days and I am feeling great.
4. Run 3 miles in 30 minutes – I get goosebumps thinking about how awesome it would be to be able to do that.
5. Read 24 books.

I am focusing on behavior rather than weight loss – which is supposed to be a good thing.  And last week and the weeks preceeding as I was practicing my goals, I have been exercising way more than I ever was before.  I am not quite at the feeling great phase – exercise still feels like work – but I am getting better at getting started.  Last week I exercised 5 times – which is way better than I have been doing.  The last time I exercised I tripped on nothing and badly skinned my knee and sprained my finger.  But I am *not* taking that as a sign and tonight am going to get back to it by doing something aerobic that doesn’t require me to use my hurt finger. 🙂

The thing that has worked for me ‘lo these three weeks is the 20-minute rule – If I can just get through no more than 20 minutes of prepping for exercise (changing clothes, moving the coffee table, driving 5 minutes to the gym), I will be in motion and can feel awesome and start reaping the benefits.  And the good news is it usually takes way less than 20 minutes, but never ever more.

Happy 2012!


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