2011 Year in Review – The Memories

Here are my most memorable moments from 2011 (in no particular order):

* Being petrified of some new responsibilities at work.

* Long dinners with friends at various restaurants across the city – laughing until crying, the fantastic hugs at the end – feeling connected with a family I created.

* The horrible awkwardness of delivering a bad performance review.

* Crying outside the DeYoung in San Francisco, calling my mom at work so she could talk me through how to tell DH and the kids that I feel like I don’t fit in with the family.

* Subsequent conversation with kids, trying to explain why I felt I didn’t fit in with the family sometimes.

* Finding new muscles in my shoulder blades that I didn’t know I had (thanks to Mandy)

* Getting styled up with some new clothes and jewelry – choosing to look great even though I was fat.

* Behind-the-scenes tour of Monterey Bay Aquarium.

* Seeing all the cool things grown in California on the drive to Monterey Bay Aquarium – strawberries, brussel sprouts, kale.

* When DH found his wedding ring after it had been missing for months.

* SD’s straight As!

* Conquering JewelQuest on my iPad.

* Hours talking in therapy.

* Deciding I could still love myself, even if I was fat.

* The adorable measuring cup sets I got for Christmas.

* Weekends spent writing papers for school, trying not to be bitter about it.

* My beautiful winter coat that I wore once before it was stolen.  And the replacement which is even more beautiful.

* Putting quarters in the parking meter at the med school.

* Painting SS’s room in the unairconditioned late summer heat.

* The joy of beautiful new rooms for the kids.

* Discovering what a great writer SS is.

* Getting iPhones

* Dinners at Cafe des Amis with DH

* The first time the kids saw (and touched) the Pacific Ocean

* Loooooooooooooooong stretches of Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado seen from the car window

* Camp Ginger

* Everybody at my mom & dad’s for Thanksgiving, being awesome

* Eating dairy regularly for the first time in a long time

* Superfun business trip to Los Angeles

* Superwretched business trip to North Carolina

* Harry Potter – the books and the movies

* The skytram in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and the delightful coldness at the top.

* Watching episodes of Modern Family over and over and over again with DH and the kids – debating who we loved the best and the funniest line.  For me, it is Cameron and “I would have blown the money on flowers anyway, so they saved me a step.”

* Endlessly quoting Modern Family to each other – “What’s the plan, Bill” “Ta-da!” “Do you, <insert name>, do you?” “dig-a-dig-a-dig-a” “Welcome to your nightmare, ha ha ha ha ha.” “Go Bullfrogs!” “Slow Down Your Neighbors”

* Watching all of the episodes of iCarly and developing a crush on Spencer.

* Missing having time/energy to craft

* Needing to take a moment to remember exactly how old I was – 37

* The vacation home we rented – with the gigantic windows and the dining room table where we worked on the Yellowstone puzzle and the renderings of pregnant, nekkid women everywhere.

* SS’s snowglobe collection

* SD’s butterfly collection

* My cousin’s wedding

* Spending a night in the hospital with DH.


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