12 Days of Christmas – Day 1

If the stars align, we should have the kids for at least twelve days between now and the new year.  Stealing the idea of an activity-based advent calendar from the awesome Amy, I created the 12 days of Christmas for the kids.  I love this idea because it makes sure we don’t lose sight of being festive during this time of year, and activities can be done fairly cheaply.

I hung little cards on the Christmas tree and each day they are with us they open one to find out what the activity is.  Even though they are starting to really look sooooo grown up, they still are pretty excited about this activity.  The first day was buy new pajama pants, drink cocoa, and watch Elf.  It was super diddly fun.

NOTE:  I never thought I would have empathy for thin people finding clothes, but having two kids whose height has outgrown their waists is challenging.  We found pajama bottoms with a tie waist for Alex.  Ian just has to not move around much to keep his up.  But we all make sacrifices.


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