I am exhausted… we worked all weekend to get SD’s room done.  Too tired for exposition, but couldn’t wait to get the results posted…

First up, le room de stepdaughter.  My mom and I made the valances and the floor pillows.  The green and blue and white effect is just beautiful.  A seriously gorgeous room for a seriously gorgeous girl.

The furniture and all the doo-das are in SS’s room.  Very cool.  I made the pirate flag pillow and the little pictures on the shelf above his bed.

I can’t believe we are actually done.  It is a huge relief, and  A LOT of work behind us.  And I think they really love their rooms.  Lurking behind the kickin’ new rooms are two Sanford-and-Sons closets and reading room full of stuff to return, sell, or donate.  But I am going to enjoy this moment.  And next weekend DH and I promised we would RELAX.  So ready for that.


4 thoughts on “Done!

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