Camp Ginger!

I got to spend 3 days off work with the kids and because I like to make things events, I named those three days Camp Ginger.  We had some fun, even I did when I wasn’t obsessively worrying about work… luckily I don’t think the kids caught me doing that more than a couple of times.

Here was our schedule:

Wednesday – Theme: Monet

  • breakfast @ Mud Pie Bakery
  • finding inspiration @ Kauffman Gardens
  • water lillies @ Nelson Atkins Museum of Art
  • lunch @ Aixois
  • impressionistic painting at home

Thursday – Theme: Musicals

  • movie at home: Muppets Take Manhattan
  • lunch @ FUD
  • The Wiz! @ The Coterie
  • mocktails @ Skies

Friday – Theme: Monkeys (and Apes)

  • the zoo
  • documentary about Jane Goodall @ home
Some pictures:
The camp goodie bags:
The kickoff breakfast @ Mud Pie bakery
They had just pruned the hydrangea bushes at Kauffman Gardens – It looked very, very beautiful:
Sublime French lemonade @ Aixois
Chimpanzees @ the zoo (they are apes – monkeys have tails)

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