Worst. Birthday. Ever.

Ok, maybe not *ever*, there was a pretty bad birthday at college once, but this one was the worst in recent memory.  I am in school now, and my two big assignments are due in the next three weeks, so most of my Sundays have been given over to studying or working.

Which left Friday night and Saturday to celebrate my birthday.  Uh, not so good.  Friday I left work midday because of an epic sinus headache and sore throat.  And things went from bad to worse.

At the worst of it I couldn’t breathe through my nose, and only minimally through my mouth because of chest congestion.  I had taken so much decongestant (as a hail mary) that I was weepy and vomiting violently.  It sucked.  DH was very supportive bringing me anything that may help, but nothing did.

And then today, just in time to start slogging through my tons and tons of work, I am fine.

I don’t like where I am at 37.  My mind is a mess, my inbox is a mess, my house is a mess, and there was no celebration of the day.  So I refuse to turn 37 until it better fits into my schedule.  So there.


2 thoughts on “Worst. Birthday. Ever.

  1. I’m sorry your official birthday sucked. Holler when you decide you want to celebrate in grand style–I know a gal who would like to bake cupcakes for you!

  2. I also am sorry you had a sad birthday! But I do not believe *you* are a mess–those other things might be temporarily messy, but you are not! 😉 I think you have a lot on your plate right now. That can make you feel overwhelmed, for sure.

    Someday we will have to make macarons together to make us both feel better. 🙂

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