Where I Be….

I just passed Month 3 mark on my march to hitting my goals this year… here is where I am…

150 hours of excercise… 21.42 hours, 14% of goal.  Mandy is back next week, which will help a lot. (behind goal)

300 days of calorie counting… 48 times, 16% of goal (behind goal)

Lose 70 lbs… 12.8 lost, 18% of goal (behind goal)

Get rid of 1000 things… 523 gone, 52.3% of goal (ahead of goal)

Read 25 books… 6 read, 24% of goal (right on track)

Eat in 1000 times… 188 times, 18.8% of goal (behind goal)

Debt reduction… 24% of goal (right on track)

250 study hours… 20 hours, 8% of goal… paper due in 4 weeks!!  (waaaay behind on goal)

250 blogs… 41, 16.4% of goal (behind on goal)

Organize 5 things… 2 done – downstairs desk and closet.  I am at 40% of my goal and love the look of all my little vases and candles super organized (pictured above).  (ahead of goal)



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