We are getting an awesome tax rebate… which means we suck at making sure we don’t give too much money to the government too soon, but it means an influx of cash. Most of it is going to debt reduction and to paying the sales tax for our new car, but some has been (rather indulgently) spent on some updates to the house.

Living Room Expansion

We are going to be in this house a loooong time. And in about 6 years there are probably going to be 3 people over 6 foot, and me. We had one couch and one chair, and when the kids are with us, that means lots of uncomfortableness. I am an only child… I like my personal space. And DH can’t sit with the kids without them treating him like a jungle gym. So we moved the television to the mantle, and bought faux leather chairs and ottomans for the kids so THEY HAVE THEIR OWN DAMN CHAIRS! QUIT CLIMBING ON ME! The little side table also functions as a chess, checkers, and backgammon table – which the kids think is the coolest. This also gives us better positioning for our Kinect. Oh gawd, I sound like a prat… moving on…

Dining Room Updo

The dining room is constantly in flux.  We have too much dern liqour and no place to store it.  So I reorganized a bunch of stuff and got most of it hidden away (yes, truly what is left is what is considered “pared down”.  I also tried to make things look a skosh more formal – removing the table cloth and incorporating some delish things from Pier 1 Imports – fork and knife chalkboards, new table runner, some balls in a bowl.  The theme being formal, floral prints of many colors.  I have asked for some plates from Pier 1 Imports from DH to hang between the fork and knife that fit in with the theme.  They will have to be gifts, because I have banned myself from Pier 1 Imports – seriously, I cannot go in that place.

Calmifying the Bedroom

I still am not happy with the bedroom.   It has too many styles and too many colors and so much stuff – mostly because my office also is in the bedroom.  But it is getting better.  i got some new mocha and blue and teal bedding and some kickass lamps from target and it is looking much more pulled together.  Much, much more.  And the lamps give it a modicum of style… which it needed.


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