Lightening my load – the first 67 things!

1-64 – So last Thursday night, in a totally out-of-character move for myself, I got a burst of energy and started clearing stuff out.  I cleared out books that I had already read or knew I would never read.  I took my bedside table from being a dusty, overly junked mess to being clean, organized, and at least only mildly overly junked (There still are a lot of books I want to read but haven’t gotten to.)  And I cleared off a whole big surface in our bedroom. 

IT FELT GREAT!!  It was a lot of work, but soooo worth it.  With each thing I sorted, I felt lighter.  But it wasn’t as easy as I thought – other than losing weight, the thing I want for myself more than anything is to have a decluttered life – but that means making hard decisions about what I really need and want.  Sometimes I feel like I am losing a bit of my sentimentality/softness as I purge things.  I just need to keep reminding myself that they are just *things*.

On Sunday DH and I took 64 books (yes, 64, and that is just a drop in the bucket – I have a *LOT* of books) to a used bookstore and got a pittance compared to the number of books I brought in, but it was enough for a nice lunch.
65-66 – Returned a book and a DVD that we had been borrowing from a friend waaaaay tooo long.

67 – Used a bottle of perfume – I have lots and lots of bottles of perfume because I love it so much.  But I want to get down to 3 – maybe 1 if I can decide on a favorite scent.  Ok, not one – maybe 2?  I really love perfume but I don’t like a big grouping of bottles that I never use while accumulating more.  That is just bad.

Because of the success of this first week, I have decided to double my goal to get rid of 1000 things, rather than 500.  If not a lucrative endeavor, I think I will feel richer when it all is done.  More space, less crud to look at and dust.  Truly awesome.  Truly.


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