Really, these are the goals for 2011

I should stop setting goals and start focusing more on living – I know I should, but I can’t.  So that will wait for 2012.  Or when I am 40.  Ever since my 30 before 30 list, I loves me some goals.  And like any list of goals I have ever had, they have changed since I first imagined them.  Here is the “final” list:

1. Exercise for 250 hours.

2. Post what I ate – every good, bad, ugly detail – for 300/365 days.

3.  Lose 25 lbs.  I need to lose more, but I want a realistic goal for this year – something that feels obtainable, not overwhelming.  And losing 25 is better than gaining 5.  You can’t argue with that.  No, I said you couldn’t.

4. Get rid of x amount of debt.  This one is between me and my husband, but it is a BIG number.  As the kids say, we are going to have to make our own fun!  But nothing is more fun than being out of debt.  Yep, I am officially old because I truly believe that.

5. Eat in 1000 times.  That means only one meal out per week – and that includes Starbucks, fast food, lunch with friends at work, our sweet friends at Abuelo’s.  This will perhaps be the hardest for us – we like to eschew the drudgery of the kitchen – but will be very important for #4 and #3.  I think I might craft a little cookbook of our our daily recipes to make it more fun.  Tonight we are doing apple-sage field roast with hard cider sauerkraut that my friend J turned me on to.  So yum.

6. Complete 25 books.  I still have a lot of books to consume to hit my 40 before 40 goal, so I will need to continue to plug away.  Right now I am in the midst of the Harry Potter series – so that should be fun/easy.

7.  Get rid of 500 things – either by recycling, consuming, or giving away – it will be hard to define what a things count – but off the top of my head:  booklets of scrapbook paper, yarn, CDs, DVDs, books, unused dishes – lots to do.  I am sooooo looking forward to having less stuff.  My stepdaughter totally inspired me this weekend by *spontaneously* cleaning out her closet.  I am going to borrow some of her fortitude and tackle my bedside table tonight.  Woot!

8. 250 study hours.  Grad school starts in 10 days.  I will need to get good at studying again.  I am not too worried, I was once great at it, but having a weekly hourly goal will help me.

9. 500 blog entries – with 30o days of calorie posting, this is just 200 entries of other stuff – which I really do want to share with my small readership – I love having this blog as a digital journal of my life – where I have been and where I have been going.  And unlike my junior high school diary, being on the internets reminds me to set my filter a *bit*, so I can reread entries without cringing too badly.

10. Organize 5 things.  Blech – I don’t want to do this one, but I need to – and the sooner it is done, the better.  And I know I will love the results.  My fab craft empire still is organized and awesome.  I think I am going to tackle these five things:  Spring holiday decorations, autumn/halloween decorations, Christmas decorations, Muner’s desk, Reading room closet/wrapping papers. 

In short, my focus this year will be lightening my load.  My forties are nigh, and I want to be fully fabulous by then.  Just a bit more work, and I will be there.

HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!!!  Love, love, love you all!


One thought on “Really, these are the goals for 2011

  1. (I’m late to the party commenting but catching up with reading is one of my goals…) About those recipes and eating in, I’d like to sign up for an autographed copy of that cookbook please. 🙂

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