Sometimes when work becomes two hard, life too draining, the dailiness of it too daily, I hear these lyrics from Wilco’s She’s A Jar in my head:

We could use
A hand full of wheel
And a day off
And a bruised road

I love the sentiment and daydreaming of getting into the car with DH and driving away from it all for awhile.

Last night I had that feeling about not having time to play – i.e. get lost in my crafts with lots of time stretching out in front of me.  I just finished a huge, massively annoying project at work and wanted some time to sit at my “bruised” desk and craft.  And so starting in a couple minutes I am going to have six hours of crafting.  Yay!

My goals:

Twelve bags for the twelve days of Christmas gifts (more on that later!)

I made little pins for a flute quartet for a friend and they were so cute I want one of my own

Major progress on my striped, ruffly, beribboned wristlets

WOOT!  And I will love blog it all here…

First up, changing into more comfortable clothes, turning on the electric amish fireplacey thing, and make gift bags.  Did I mention WOOT?


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