By April of last year, I had completely abandoned tracking my yearly goals – I had gone off the rails so badly that I didn’t want to know the bad news.

This year is different – I still am going to fall short of many of my key goals – but I made sure I had plenty of goals around stuff that I liked to do.  I wanted to make sure I got credit for the stuff I am good at – not just focus on the “areas of improvement”.  I fail every year if I look at the stats that I hold myself too.  But I am not a failure.  And so there is one more month left to hit my goals.

I cried big stress tears the first time I got a B when I was in school – so disappointed in myself.  How stupid.  I now am confident enough to look at my good and bad qualities, and to know on balance that it is ok.  Bad with money and food – too introverted – messy.  But fun and generous and creative and smart.  Just like everybody else in the world – both awesome and shitty.

And so I am shooting for a 75.02% for my yearly goals.  A solid C – definitely not where I wanted to end this year at – but soooo much better than an Incomplete.  I didn’t give up on myself – I kept plugging away and keeping track of every mile, every class, every pound gained and lost.

To hit 75.02%, I have to complete the following in the last month of 2010:

58.9 miles – This one will be the hardest – it is more miles than I have completed any other month this year.  Completing miles requires focusing on this goal every day.  Every day I have to face the lethargy of just not doing it.  I so admire those people who make exercise a given – part of their schedule that they almost never sacrifice.  I want to be one of those people – and I am closer than ever.

7 exercise classes – Because of time and money constraints, I stopped attending classes with Mandy this year for a short time.  I am back into a regular routine – making it a priority to go to her earlier class so that I can get it done.  I am not perfect about making this a priority – but I am pretty darn good.  I have two more weeks of Mandy’s classes – and then a panic attack as she starts her maternity leave.  I have found a body sculpt class at my gym that I am going to try – I don’t want to lose the ground I have gained.

14 lbs – I am losing weight pretty steadily on the diet I have been following.  I know this is definitely a streeeeetch goal, but I lost 14 lbs in the last six weeks so I am going to forge ahead.

2 books – I think I may *finally* start the Harry Potter series.  My stepkids have me hooked on the movies – and who am I to go against bazillions of readers?

2 crafts – Piece of cake, of course.  I am waaaaaay ahead on this goal for a year.

1 class – I want to finish the next in the art:21 series – I learn lots and learning about all those artists definitely makes me think more creatively.

1 Cultural Even – Probably a holiday play with my friends.  I wish one of my goals this year was form a circle of awesome friends to do awesome things with.  Because I nailed that goal.

30 blogs – I always have things to write about – it is just that I don’t always have the inclination to clean off my desk of craft stuff to get to the keyboard so that I can write.

That is a lot in one month!  Wish me luck… 75.02, here I come!


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