Day 2!

Day 2 was harder.  I was sooo hungry in the afternoon, it was hard to focus / concentrate / avoid crying.  I kept pushing myself to wait on my one snack per day because the reccomendation is to wait as long as you can, and I know the evenings are the hardest for me.  My goal was to make it to 4:00.  I made it only to 3:00 – and that was with a lot of consternation and getting up to go talk to friends to distract me.  But then I successfully waited until 6:15 PM to eat dinner!  And then there was a bit of comedy when my veggie patty crumbled on the way to the toaster and I shook the toaster to get it out.  Yea, classy.  But I got most of it, thank goodness!

Which was eaten at my desk at work because I am cool like that.  I am proud of myself for not eating after working – almost assuredly if I have to work late (tonight was until 8:45 PM) I “reward” myself with crappy food – a signal to my mind and body that it can relax.  I had to force myself to relax without doing that.  Which sucked, but I did it. 

Most helpful part of the day was an e-mail from a friend who is also on Day 2 comiserating with how much we would like some celery.  Having someone as miserable as me and surviving was good.

That being said, I still am so much better at this then I would have been two weeks ago – I am still chugging along… Day 2 down – soo proud of myself!


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