I am soooo L.A.!

I think generally people put themselves in one of three groups:

1. L.A.

2. New York

3. Neither!

I really fall into #3… born and bred (well, bread) in the midwest, I don’t have a claim to either.  But when I allow myself to think I could fit in either, it typically has been New York.  The  erudite intelectualista seems more me than the boobs and tans of L.A.

That changed when I went with my friend L to LA. (over six years ago!!).  I loooooved L.A.  And I am not sure exactly why.  I can’t put my finger on it.  Something about the interesting people and good food and the lots of different art and crazy stuff and stars and punk music.  I know New York has all of that, but L.A. has it and it all seems lighter… less scary… more sunshiney.  I love L.A.

I got to go to L.A. for a business trip last week, and I love it still, it seems.  And as any experience in L.A., it included some stories of famous people:

1. One of the woman who works at the same company I do went to L.A. to visit our office out there.  It was the night of the Grammys and she was the only civilian staying at the Wilshire Hilton.  And she sideswiped Chris and Rhianna’s car as she was pulling up to have her car valet parked.  YES!  That Chris and Rhianna and *that* Grammys… not two hours before the incident.  Crazy.

2. A coworker who lives in L.A. went to an exercise class with Drew Barrymore last week.  Crazy.

3. That same coworker regularly encounters David Spade.  Who is just as you imagine – I will leave it at that. Crazy.

4. One of the clients we met with had a story about unknowingly eating breakfast with Ryan Seacrest. Crazy.

5. We had dinner with the client at a restaurant that I am 95% sure was featured in The Kids are Alright.  Crazy.

I am so L.A… hoping I can go back soon.


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