Dinosaur Jewelry Class – An Update!

A while back I had posted that I was developing a class on making dinosaur jewelry for the H.M.S. Beagle… here is an update.

1. Dinosaur Image Pendants.  I have finally perfected this!  First, I can’t use stuff printed at home… The images aren’t clear enough or bright enough.  So I bought a book of dinosaur stickers.  And I learned how to use two-part resin (thanks to the craft circle!)… and I finally have it goin’ good.  Although it took a lot of practice to get the resin right… really a process not suited for someone as messy and impatient as me, but I can do it now.  I even think I can teach others.  Here are the samples I created:

Three dinosaurs on a string, or rather, ribbon

2. Golden Dino on a Chain.  Have you ever tried to paint on plastic not using spray paint?  It sucks.  The first necklace I made using model paint had all of the paint fall off of it the first time I wore it.  And then I tried lots of different paints and primers and none of them worked.  And then after a long, frustrating search at Michael’s with a young man who was much more helpful than he needed to be, I found a paint that works.  Well!  It works well.  Really well.  The dinosaurs actually look like they are made of metal.  And the paint stays.  This is a huge relief because I was very much worried that I wouldn’t be able to have the class if I didn’t get this to work.  But it works!  Yay!  And the resulting necklaces are sooooo cute:

It frickin' WORKED!

3. The final part of the class still will be the dinosaur bone earrings:

My your ears look just ANCIENT!

I have samples, I have materials, I have perfected the techniques well enough to teach them, and my friend M loves dinosaurs so I have had a home for all my extras.  If you know of anybody who would like to take the class, please forward them this post.  It should be super fun.  And only $35 and you get THREE pieces of jewelry to take home.

The date/time/details available here.

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