And then the living room…

DH and the kids made me a very cool copper-colored Eiffel tower last year that has been on the mantle ever since.  When I touched up the style of the living room I went with the French theme… like thousands of other houses within a 5-mile radius, I am sure.  But I don’t care.  I love the metal icon and the fleur des lis.  So there.  And here are some pictures:

My new stylized mantle:


I hung the crocheted art from the mantle to a newly-emptied wall and moved a bunch of family pictures from a table to the wall, which had a great decluttering effect:

Family photos

And the uncluttered table aforementioned with a wee Eiffel and some little French houses my father brought back from Nice for me many many years ago… also some flowers in pretty beer bottles that I like the shape and color of so much that I never let DH recycle them after he has consumed the beer.  Luckily he doesn’t get that kind of beer that often… otherwise I would be buried in them.



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