Geek Chic!

Hello….  So recently I went to a friend’s house, let’s call her Curly Sue.  And her house was sooooo cute.  And I remembered when I used to have a cute house.  And then I went to Hobby Lobby and then DH got to hang pictures for two days straight.

First up… the dining room.    I have a lot of wholes in the walls of the dining room and none of the original paint color left… boo.  So I painted a blue square and hung some geeky posters:

And we never will have to guess the atomic weight of boron during meals

Next, my much loved Anthropologie tablecloth with some glassware (glassware I stole from my husband’s basement laboratory with some cheery flowers:

Anthropologie = Love + No Money Left

A close-up of the sideboard – filled with geeky science stuff we literally had lying around the house:

Just a sampling of our collections


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