My craft table after a weekend of fun

I am not a creative genius, but I am as messy as one.  Fer shizzle.  I spend a few precious hours every weekend doing what I love best… plotzing around with jewelry stuff.  Recently my creative aspirations have been limited to this.  85ish% of what I make is pretty grody.  The other 15ish% I like and will wear or give away.  But no matter what I am making I end up working on a few inches of the edge of my craft table, knocking stuff over and pushing stuff aside to keep going on what I am doing.  Everything I have is very well organized, but I seem to pull everything out for every project…. and I don’t put stuff away until stuff is too messy for me to enjoy myself anymore.  And then I stand up, try to loosen the cricks in my butt, neck, and back and listen to the jangle of beads, wire, and jumprings fall to the floor… the lost warriors in my free time battles.

In my next life I am going to be one of those crafters… wake up on a weekend morning, greet the birds, fix myself of fortifying tea, shower, dress comfortably and casually, start some smoov jazz on my computer, pull out exactly what I need and create something perfect the first time, and then put everything away…  I am, let’s say, the opposite… right now I am braless, shlubby, surrounded by little bits of stuff everywhere and the bracelet I created yesterday fell apart three times before I got it right (I mean, literally, fell apart… with beads and curse words spraying everywhere.).  And that is not fun, I wish I loved chaos and mess because that is my natural state… but I don’t.

So now I want to photograph some things for my blog, srap up a couple projects, get organized, basically… but things are too messy for me too think…. so I am going to clean up.

I am going to start the timer NOW… hopefully in an hour from now I will be clean, ahem… supported, organized, tead, musiced, and inspired… starting…. NOW!


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