I have in the works offering a class at H.M.S. Beagle called “Darling Dinosaur Designs” where I teach some basic jewelry making skills using dinosaurs as an inspiration.  This weekend I began prototyping two of the three projects….  I hope I am not jinxing the class by writing about it… I already have a tentative yes from my mom.

1. Fern on a chain… this is a close up of a fern leaf (a plant older than the dinos) on a chain with some wire wrapped beads as accent.  I am still waiting for the pendant to dry to be able to finish this one… so picture pending.

2. Dino on a chain.  There is a preponderance of plastic dinosaurs in my life… and so when I saw this project on papernstitch I had a craftgasm.  My husband scored me a tube of tiny dinos from the Beagle and I have been painting them all weekend.  My dinosaurs ended up a bit more antique gold than shiny gold because I used model paint rather than gold leaf, but it is almost as adorable.  I have e-mailed the designer to have permission to use the design in class and she said “yes”.  YAY… if you want an adorable dino without the mess… please consider picking one up from her Etsy shop.

Keep your tiny golden dinosaur chained up!

If I hadn’t got permission, everybody would have received dinosaur pendants for Christmas!  I would have had to do something with this golden massacre:

Ooooooh... the blood... it flowed!

3. Dino bone bead earrings.  A simple design using dinosaur bone and simple elements.  (Further plugging… these earrings are available at the Beagle NOW for $8.)

My your ears look just ANCIENT!


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